Terms, Conditions, Fees, Payment Options.

I have worked as a translator for nearly twenty-five years, and have a wide range of experience with different kinds of source materials.

All translations are automatically under a full non-disclosure agreement. I may on occasion request the use of source and target materials as samples for this website. Agreement with such requests is not obligatory and will be made and revoked in writing via email.

Translations of 5,000 words or less are payable on order. I charge a minimum fee of $50 for 500 words or less. Between 500 and 1000 words, the charge is $70. Rates for translations up to 10,000 words are $0.07 per word. Above 10,000 words the rate is $0.06 per word.

Translations between 5,000 and 20,000 words require a deposit of no less than 25% of the total amount, with the remainder due on notice of completion.

Payment for translations of more than 20,000 words may be made in installments, to be negotiated with the client.


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